91Vocals Salvo: Dark Silk Vocals Royalty Free Sample Pack

Salvo: Dark Silk Vocals


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  • 100% Royalty Free 24bit WAV Quality

As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Salvo’s name, image, or likeness without 91Vocals’ and Salvo’s express written permission.

Salvo presents Dark Silk Vocals, her long-awaited debut vocal sample pack, in partnership with 91Vocals. A huge collection of glossy vocal hooks, full phrases with harmony layers, and dark melodies. For inspiration and layering, discover unique processed vocal loops, vocoded hooks, one shots, and spoken phrases. Perfect for EDM, dark electronica, heavy bass music, and beyond. Every vocal sample has key and tempo info assigned.

Salvo blends the brooding energy of dark electronic pop with a classical elegance by delivering emotionally cathartic and powerful vocals that strum the listener’s heartstrings. Since her first release in electronic music in 2017, she has consistently collaborated and released music with internationally renowned artists such as Unknown Brain, Lox Chatterbox, Svniivan, and Robby East, amassing over 50 million streams. British record label NCS recognized her as one of 2021's top female artists to watch. She has developed a grass-roots following of fanatical devotees with consistent releases alongside notable success in live streaming and social media.

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24bit Quality | 721 MB

Vocal Hooks & Phrases
(Including lead vocals, harmonies & stacks)

17 Vocal Hooks 120 BPM (Wet & Dry - 34 Total)
11 Vocal Hooks 125 BPM (Wet & Dry - 22 Total)
9 Vocal Hooks 128 BPM (Wet & Dry - 18 Total)
14 Vocal Hooks 150 BPM (Wet & Dry - 28 Total)
25 Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry - 49 Total)

Vocal Loops
17 Vocal Loops w/ FX
12 Pitched & Glitched Vocal Loops
10 Vocoded Hooks

Vocal One Shots
12 Vocal One Shots
18 Spoken Phrases
11 Vocal Ad-libs w/ FX
5 Vocal Chord One Shots
3 Vocal Risers