About 91Vocals

91Vocals is the leading provider of premium vocals, from chart-topping hooks and toplines to inspirational melodies and experimental tools. We collaborate with the industry's most talented vocalists, engineers, and sound designers to deliver a pro sound with a contemporary feel.

Headed up by singer, songwriter Kate Wild and renowned producer and sound creator Capsun, our team combines an extraordinary understanding of all things vocal with forward thinking sound design to create inspiring vocal content to make your music stand out.


As Director at 91Vocals, Kate Wild is in the room engineering every vocal session, recording and working on arrangement, songwriting and performance. Uniquely fusing an understanding of all things vocal with the recording process to capture the highest quality sounds. As well as recording her own content for 91Vocals, Kate's years of experience in the music industry means that she has access to the best of the best when it comes to outstanding vocalists.




Capsun is a producer, songwriter and sound creator, known for creating original samples and compositions. Songs featuring Capsun samples have gained over a billion streams and his world class sample libraries are used daily by Grammy award-winning producers, leading electronic musicians and underground beatmakers alike. Capsun is co-founder of the sample company Capsun ProAudio and as a sound designer he has created bestselling sample packs, presets and audio content for the audio industry’s leading software and hardware manufacturers.