91Vocals Vocal Hooks: Peach Royalty Free Sample Pack

Vocal Hooks: Peach


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  • 24bit WAV Quality 100% Royalty Free
  • 100% Royalty Free 24bit WAV Quality

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A full collection of premium vocal hooks built to signal the drop or inspire new songs. Featuring over 150 vocal hooks, phrases, and adlibs (wet and dry). Powerful female stacked vocals and drop-defining melodies ready to be either the perfect topline or clean audio for you to chop and experiment. Plus pitched and chopped loops, hard female rap hooks, vocal one-shots, and fx.

As always we guarantee completely original vocal samples, recorded in-house by the 91Vocals team using the very best high-end microphones and analog hardware. Our favorite performances from sessions in four different keys and tempos were selected and transparently tuned and timed to create truly premium vocals. Pro vocal engineer and pop producer Charlie McClean mixed and processed the vocal sessions with meticulous attention to detail, lending her expertise in vocal tuning and editing.

To maximize flexibility, all vocal hooks are included ‘dry’ with clean processing and ‘wet’ taking full advantage of our custom vocal chain of crisp EQs, compression, reverb, delay, vocal doubling, harmonized stacks, and stereo widening. We encourage you to slice, pitch, effect, and chop!

Every loop is carefully key-tagged and tempo locked. These royalty-free samples are perfect to layer into your beats or as inspiration to create your next hit.

Please note: This is a vocal sample pack only. All other sounds contained in the demo song are for illustration purposes only. Demo track created by Capsun.

91Vocals samples can be used in any commercial music project (subject to our License restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties, request any further permissions or provide credit. All our samples are original and created in-house by our team. The samples are not taken from any copyrighted sources, so you can legally use our samples with confidence in any commercial project.

Simply put, you can purchase the right to use our licensed sounds in any combination or musical composition. You have the right to release a composition incorporating our samples commercially and collect royalties without any further payment of fees, royalties or credit required for such usage. As the individual sounds are licensed to you, you cannot use them in isolation or distribute them as part of a competitive commercial product. For example, you cannot sell the individual sounds as part of other sample packs, loops, or to third parties. For detailed information see our License Page.

No. You may not use a featured artist's name or 91Vocals' brand name, image, or likeness without 91Vocals’ express written permission. This includes use in any track name or as a featured artist on any release.


24bit Quality
Vocal Hooks & Phrases 490 MB | Full Pack 740 MB

Vocal Hooks & Phrases
86 Vocal Hooks total including:
12 Vocal Hooks 90 BPM G#m (Wet & Dry - 24 Total)
10 Vocal Hooks 96 BPM Fm (Wet & Dry - 20 Total)
9 Vocal Hooks 107 BPM Em (Wet & Dry - 18 Total)
12 Vocal Hooks 152 BPM Cm (Wet & Dry - 24 Total)
17 Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry - 34 Total)
15 Stacked Vocal Phrases (Wet & Dry - 30 Total)
16 Short Vocal Phrases

Full Pack Also Includes
13 Female Rap Vocal Loops (Wet & Dry - 26 Total)
24 Vocal Adlib Loops
9 Vocal Adlib Loops + FX
14 Chopped Vocal Loops
14 Vocal Loops + FX
17 Vocal One Shots
5 Vocal Risers