Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your samples royalty-free?
A. Royalty-free means two things in the music sample industry.

Firstly, it means that you can use any 91Vocals samples, both paid and free downloads, in any commercial music project (subject to our License restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties, request any further permissions for their use or provide credit.

Secondly, it means that the samples we sell are original and created in-house by our team. The samples do not to come from any copyrighted sources, so you can legally use our samples with confidence in any commercial project.


Q. Can I use your samples in my commercial music release?
A. Yes! You can use any 91Vocals samples, both paid and free downloads, in any commercial music project (subject to our License restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties, request any further permissions for their use or provide credit.

Q. What are premium vocal samples?
A. 91Vocals are dedicated to offering the best vocal samples in the world. Our team consists of leading professionals with ongoing experience in the world of commercial song writing, engineering and music production.

'Premium Vocal Samples' means that we work with the best vocalists, songwriters and producers. These vocals are captured using the highest quality equipment, ensuring a clean signal chain and then processed by industry experts to transparently correct, effect and polish them.

Q. What formats do you sell?
A. All 91Vocals sample packs are sold as industry standard 24-bit 44.1 KHz Wav files.

Q. Your vocals hooks are labelled Wet and Dry. What does that mean?
A. Our vocal hooks are available in two versions - Wet and Dry.

Dry vocals have been transparently processed and treated so that they are ready to be dropped into a track but unaltered enough to be further processed in whatever way you want.

Wet vocals that have been processed in a number of obvious ways. This could be time based effects such as delays or reverbs or heavily pitched and altered. These finished vocals are perfect to add straight into your track or are treated with genre specific effects.

Q. What is your 'License'?
A. Simply put, you have purchased the right to use the licensed sounds in any combination or musical composition. You have the right to release a composition incorporating our samples commercially and collect royalties without any further payment of fees, royalties or credit required for such usage. As the individual sounds are licensed to you, you cannot use them in isolation or distribute them as part of a competitive commercial product. For example, you cannot sell the individual sounds as part of other sample packs, loops, or to third parties. For detailed information see the License Page

Q. Who are the singers in the sample packs?
A. Unless explicitly stated the singers who work with 91Vocals have chosen to stay anonymous. This is because they are all working professional singers with a range of careers and need to control how their brand identity is used. 

If listed, you may not use any singer's name, image, or likeness without 91Vocals' express written permission.

Q. How do I download my purchase?
A. When you purchase a product from 91Vocals, either a free pack or a paid for product, you will receive a confirmation email for your order. The download link can be found here. Alternatively, if you have created a user account the download link is available in your previous purchases.

Q. How many times can I download a sample pack?
A. We provide 3 download links for each Sample Pack purchased. If you have any problem with your downloads then contact us and our customer support and we will be happy to help solve the issue.

Q. Do I need to register to use the site?
A. No. You do not need to register to view the 91Vocals website, but you will have to provide a valid email and address to receive any products. If you create a user account however, you can view previous purchases and access the download links for them at any time.

Q. Do you hire singers or producers?
A. Yes! If you are a singer or a producer and think you can help contribute to exceptional sample packs then we want to hear from you. We work with producers from a range of professional backgrounds, and we firmly believe your talent should speak for you. There are many ways to work with us, whether you’re an established artist, or just breaking through.

To apply, go to our Work With Us page and fill in the contact form. Please send us any demos, social media links and examples of previous work that you think will impress us.

Q. Can I get any free samples?
A. Of course! Check out our Free Vocals page.


Q. And are your free samples royalty-free?
A. Yes! Our free vocal samples are royalty-free and covered by the same License as our paid samples.


Q. Can I use your samples to create an AI voice model or as a data set for training AI?
A. The usage of the our samples, including but not limited to AI voice modelling, as a data set for training AI models is strictly prohibited without obtaining explicit written permission from 91Vocals. Please see our 
License for more info.