What happens when a vocalist enters the #91VocalsChallenge?

By 91Vocals Kate

What happens when a vocalist enters the #91VocalsChallenge?

So, what IS the #91VocalsChallenge? It's very simple. Music makers are asked use the hashtag #91VocalsChallenge any time they use a 91Vocals sample in their studio or live performance videos. The aim is to show us what you got ;-) but most importantly, just enjoy the process of creating!

Listen to director, singer, songwriter and vocal producer Kate Wild step up to the challenge.

"As a vocalist myself, but not a natural instrumentalist, I approached this in any way a vocalist would. I used a combination of my own voice to add harmonies to the existing vocals from the pack Femme Fatale - Vocal Hooks, but also I used the dry versions of the vocal recordings, adding my own production to fit the moody track I'd built around it.

Femme Fatale - Vocal Hooks
I started by adding moody chords around one of my favourite vocal hooks from the pack. Then I added bass and drums after that. Once I caught a vibe from chopping up some of the hooks and adding them in for texture, It just felt natural to add my own verse, as if it were a duet or having my own feature verse.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that vocalists wouldn't have a need to utilise vocal samples when (or rather IF) they can just record themselves. But this challenge opened my eyes to something. In fact, from hearing another vocalist's perspective on melody, lyrics and vocal stylings - it inspired me to write and sing my own verse in a way that I otherwise wouldn't have thought to. It's like having another person in the room to bounce ideas off of.
Kate Wild
Pulling in vocal samples can provide that kick start to a musicians writers block, even finding melodies and phrasing in the track you hadn't heard before. Doing this challenge opened my eyes up to how much inspiration these packs can create for ALL variety of music makers, not exclusively producers and beat makers". 

Think you're up to the #91VocalsChallenge - here's some links to get you started on your track.

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