Missed Calls: Midnight Soul

Missed Calls: Midnight Soul


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Tinged with heartbreak, Missed Calls: Midnight Soul cries raw emotion as it delivers a warm collection of husky top-lines, tender phrases, hushed adlibs, and exposing, powerful riffs. With ear-perking chops, vocoders, and distinctly expressive melodies, you’ll be sure to find dynamic vocal performances accompanied by woozy basslines, soul-searching keys, and nostalgic, lo-fi Rhodes.

Dive deep and allow your music to connect with audiences through the meaningful tones of our uniquely talented vocalist, recorded professionally in-house using a Neumann TLM 103 microphone, warm analog compression, and meticulous yet purposeful editing by vocal specialist, producer Charlie McClean. As always, these sounds are original and royalty-free.

Demo track created by Capsun.

All samples are included as ‘Wet’ with effects such as clean reverb, wide delays and stereo widening and also as what we call ‘Dry’. Dry samples have been meticulously edited and gently treated with our vocal chain - applying compression, EQ, level riding and more.

Our vocal samples are guaranteed to be new, unique sounds that cannot be found anywhere else. On purchase, you can use our samples in any commercial project (subject to our licence restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.


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