91Vocals Dulces Sueños: Spanish Pop Royalty Free Sample Pack

Dulces Sueños: Spanish Pop


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  • 100% Royalty Free 24bit WAV Quality

Dulces Sueños: Spanish Pop is a pop-inspired collection of all-female Spanish language toplines, phrases, and spoken word vocal samples. With meticulous detail, we worked closely with a Spanish-speaking, world-class vocalist to capture the essence of Latin vocals, heard across Billboard and worldwide charts. In addition, we’ve included a stunning selection of accompanying guitar chord progressions, steel-stringed acoustic rhythms, synths plucks, and song-starters.

Taking notes of inspiration from iconic Latin and American pop collaborators such as DJ Snake and Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello, and Spanish singing pop stars like Rosalîa, JLo, and Shakira. We aimed to create a pack that speaks to both acoustic, singer-songwriter pop, and electronic DJs and dance producers.

As always, our samples are guaranteed original, written, and recorded in-house through a high-end all-analog chain with specialized vocal treatment and processing by producer Charlie McClean. All sounds in this pack are royalty-free and ready to make hits.

Please note: This is a vocal sample pack only. All drums and melodic samples are for demo purposes only. Demo track created by Capsun.

91Vocals samples can be used in any commercial music project (subject to our License restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties, request any further permissions or provide credit. All our samples are original and created in-house by our team. The samples are not taken from any copyrighted sources, so you can legally use our samples with confidence in any commercial project.

Simply put, you can purchase the right to use our licensed sounds in any combination or musical composition. You have the right to release a composition incorporating our samples commercially and collect royalties without any further payment of fees, royalties or credit required for such usage. As the individual sounds are licensed to you, you cannot use them in isolation or distribute them as part of a competitive commercial product. For example, you cannot sell the individual sounds as part of other sample packs, loops, or to third parties. For detailed information see our License Page.

No. You may not use a featured artist's name or 91Vocals' brand name, image, or likeness without 91Vocals’ express written permission. This includes use in any track name or as a featured artist on any release.


24bit Quality | 1.1 GB MB

Vocal Hooks (Spanish) - 221 Total
(Including lead vocals, harmonies & stacks)

9 Vocal Hooks 90 BPM Em (Wet & Dry - 18 Total)
38 Vocal Hooks 100 BPM Am (Wet & Dry - 79 Total)
11 Vocal Hooks 105 BPM Cm/Fm (Wet & Dry - 22 Total)
51 Vocal Hooks 130 BPM Gm (Wet & Dry - 102 Total)

18 Spanish Vocal Phrase Loops
33 Vocal Phrase One Shots
50 Vocal Adlib One Shots
14 Spanish Spoken Words
31 Spanish Word One Shots
9 Vocal FX One Shots

Melodic Loops & One Shots
5 Songstarters
24 Guitar Loops
3 Guitar One Shots
3 Keys Loops
3 Synth Loops
2 Bass Loops
3 Bass One Shots