Vocal Glaze: Power Pop Chops

Vocal Glaze: Power Pop Chops


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  • 100% Royalty Free 24bit WAV Quality

Vocal Glaze: Power Pop Chops serves a delicious sprinkling of boundary-pushing vocal samples and future pop chopped hooks, dusted with just the right amount of sugary processing. Our organically sourced vocals have been expertly prepped in-house, with top of the range equipment, professional vocal engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Our signature recipe of Neumann microphones and analogue pre-amps results in the highest quality textures and flavours.

Expect inspirational hooks, tasty chants and shouts, vocoded stacks and sweet chord progressions. At the centre, you'll find a generous helping of chopped vocal phrases, ambient voices, heavily pitched acapellas and formant shifted melodies. Whatever your fancy, this collection provides customised inspiration for your next track or sweet vocal toppings to add the final glaze.

Please Note: This is a vocal pack ONLY, other sounds contained within the demo song are for illustration purposes only.

All samples are included as ‘Wet’ with effects such as clean reverb, wide delays and stereo widening and also as what we call ‘Dry’. Dry samples have been meticulously edited and gently treated with our vocal chain - applying compression, EQ, level riding and more.

Our vocal samples are guaranteed to be new, unique sounds that cannot be found anywhere else. On purchase, you can use our samples in any commercial project (subject to our licence restrictions) without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.


  • 24bit Quality
  • 385 MB
  • 8 Ambient Vocal | Loops
  • 21 Pitched | Loops
  • 16 Pop Chops | Loops
  • 25 Power Pop Hooks | Loops
  • 15 Vocal Chords & Pads | Loops
  • 15 Vocal Melodies | Loops
  • 25 Vocoder | Loops
  • 19 Ad Libs | One Shots
  • 4 Ambient | One Shots
  • 15 Chords | One Shots
  • 14 Phrases | One Shots
  • 14 Shouts & Chants | One Shots
  • 19 Vocal Notes | One Shots

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